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Leadership School Update

May 15, 2007

This past winter saw our first ever January residential program. We delivered a three day program for the Lewiston Middle School Civil Rights Team. These students began their relationship with Kieve in the fall when they raised $800 for this year?s 9/11 Family Camp. We presented them with a photo of all the camp participants and the kids wanted to know what else we could do together. Our new, winterized cabins performed perfectly and the group left ready to sign up for next winter.

This winter The Leadership School had a number of other significant happenings:

? Leadership School staff were presenters at the PEAK Conference in North Carolina and at the annual New England League of Middle Schools Conference in Rhode Island ? the workshops were titled ?Learning Together: A Model for Engaging Parents?
? We hosted College Goal Sunday for the third year and helped high school students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
? Amy Lyndaker, our administrative assistant, took on the role of coordinating and growing our successful Aspirations Program

We are anticipating a very busy spring with four new programs bringing us nearly 350 more students. We?re never too busy that we can?t spend time talking with you about our work and this wonderful place. Stop in and see us if you can.

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