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Lisle, Illinois Community pulls for Kieve's 9/11 Camp

October 2, 2006

On Saturday, September 9, 2006 eighty-six teen volunteers gathered to wash cars to help support Kieve's 9/11 Family Camp. This is not the first year the Lisle Teens with Character group has done this in remembrance of 9/11. In fact this is the sixth time teens in Lisle have gathered. On September 15, 2001 sisters Katie (18yrs) and Carrie (16yrs) Straub organized the first of these rallies in a local cornfield. To date hundreds of volunteers have raised over $6,000 just by washing cars each year in remembrance of those lost and their families on that terrible day. Organizer Carrie Straub says, "We owe it to their memory to keep the American Spirit alive and we will be back to help them again next year".

Carrie discovered Kieve's 9/11 Family Camp and championed the teen group to have this year's fundraising efforts help out the camp. The Lisle Teens with Character leaders, John, Matt, Mark, Kathleen, Paul and Emilie all voted to support Kieve and they were very proud to donate a check for $1,500! Nearly 200 cars were washed that day in September, a true labor of love. Katie Straub a freshman at Northern Illinois University says, "We want these kids and families to know that we have not forgotten them and that our rally day is truly amazing. Just stand back and watch everyone working hard, we are the future and from here?the future looks bright!" In addition to the car wash the teens organize and run a memorial service and a blood drive. Eighty-seven pints of blood were collected, and some 200 people attended the Memorial Service.

The Lisle Teens with Character group want the Kieve 9/11 families to know that they are here for them; they may be far away but are near in heart and spirit. The group just received the State of Illinois' "Governor?s Hometown Award" and recently traveled to receive it in their capitol of Springfield. If you want to visit their website it is: www. lisletwc.org. There is an open invitation for any of us to come attend next year's rally that will be held September 8th, 2007.

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