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Kieve and Wavus benefit from the Maine Conservation Corps

September 20, 2006

This fall both campuses will have a variety of new and existing trail work performed by six members of the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC). Projects on the Kieve site include a walkway and bridge connecting the Harriet House field to the Kennedy Learning Center Road, trail work on Kistler Point and general trail maintenance. The Harriet House trail will be a combination of gravel at the ends and a boardwalk in the middle. Ultimately this trail will connect with others as we strive for more of a walking campus. A Wavus project includes re-building of the trail and bridge that allows campers to access the rifle range.

The MCC places members all over the state to serve on environmental and conservation projects. Positions range from three month to ten month commitments. Some members serve individually at agencies and nonprofits to address resource issues and educate Maine citizens, and others serve on Field Teams constructing and rehabilitating trails and trail structures. These MCC members are also required to undertake two hours of educational activities each week so they will be participating in some of The Leadership School's programs and on the Adventure Course.

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