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Kieve's Leadership School - a new Name

September 20, 2006

Fall has arrived and with it some changes in our organization. Most significantly, we have changed our name. Hoping to be a little more descriptive regarding our program, we have chosen to emphasize "school" and "leadership" in a somewhat simpler form: The Leadership School. We have always been a school program that is designed in collaboration with schools and our emphasis has always been on leadership. However, in talking with former students it became clear that our old name did not create an understanding of either of those two concepts. It is our hope that the name change will help make our structure and our goals clearer to those who know us and to those who don't. We are excited about the change. We know that all our students will be leaders one day and are looking at our curriculum for places we can better emphasize the qualities of an effective leader.

On the residential side, we have a new Residential Director in Samantha Richard. Sam is doing a wonderful job running our residential program and managing our PROs and Interns. The new staff members are nothing short of amazing. Coming from all over the US and abroad, they have brought a wealth of experience working with kids and running residential programs. Our students have learned games from Ireland and Australia, gone apple picking, and seen images of a walk across the Sahara among other experiences with the staff. I'm proud of their work. It is consistently high level and is resulting in a very smooth and successful fall season.

Camp looks great and the new buildings are a definite asset to The Leadership School. We have three new classrooms that the teaching staff have given rave reviews. Dean, Bill and Paul are terrific to work with and are always ready to help us. Their work is very obvious. If you are in the area, please stop in and see their work and meet The Leadership School staff. Lunch is on us.

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