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Kieve & Wavus Join Forces to Form New Girls Camp

July 11, 2005

From left: Katie Moulton - Wavus Camp for Girls Co-Director, Henry Kennedy - Kieve Executive Director, Suse Wicks - Wavus Camp for Girls Director, David Keeley - Wavus Foundation President.

Nobleboro, ME ? Kieve Affective Education, Inc. of Nobleboro, Maine and The Wavus Foundation of Jefferson, Maine, two historic, traditional and experiential education organizations on Damariscotta Lake, have merged according to a joint announcement on June 30th. The merger will result in the founding of Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc. In addition to existing programs, the new organization will open a summer camp for girls called Wavus Camp for Girls.

"We are excited to provide girls with the same summer-long opportunities that boys have enjoyed at Kieve since 1926," notes Henry Kennedy, Executive Director of Kieve-Wavus. Kennedy adds, "The Wavus Camps have a wonderful history of outstanding summer programs for boys and girls dating back to the early part of the last century, and we look forward to blending their traditions with Kieve's. Now more than ever kids need to unplug and spend unstructured time outside in the natural world".

"Wavus Camp for Girls will serve as a catalyst for individual growth and personal stewardship of the environment," adds Suse Wicks, Director of the new girls? camp. "Together, both organizations will benefit from sharing generations of loyal camp families that have treasured the beauty of Damariscotta Lake." Katie Moulton, co-director of the Wavus Camp for Girls and long-standing Kieve leader, emphasized the importance of the girls' wilderness tripping program and that it will be an ideal teacher of values and life skills.

Wavus Camp for Girls will open in 2006 at The Wavus Camps in Jefferson, four miles north of Kieve's campus on Damariscotta Lake. The two campuses comprise over five miles of pristine lake frontage. During the two 3-? week sessions, (simultaneous with the dates of the Kieve Boys' Camp) girls aged 8-16 will make friends, develop individual skills and learn the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship, based on the original spirit of both camps.

Kieve, which began as a small summer camp for boys in 1926, has grown into a highly acclaimed year-round educational organization operating the Leadership Decisions Institute, a program for Maine middle school kids, their teachers and parents, the Kennedy Learning Center, Kieve West, a family camp for September 11th survivors, and a two-week girls camp, in addition to the summer-long boys camp. "Each year more than 12,000 kids and adults from Maine and from around the world are changed by the power of the Kieve experience," says Kennedy.

The Wavus Camps operated as a brother/sister camp from 1922 to 1976 when the camp closed. In 1992, the 95-acre property was put up for sale and threatened with development. A group of former campers and local conservationists formed The Wavus Foundation with the intention of purchasing the property for "safe keeping". After reconnecting with over 2000 former campers, this grassroots effort was accomplished. New programs based on Wavus traditions and the Wavus Medal Program have since rekindled the spirit of Wavus. Infrastructure development and facility renovation, including the building of the new 200-seat Jewell Lodge dining hall and conference center, have prepared the way for the newly formed Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc. to continue facility upgrades in preparation for camp in 2006.

Kennedy, the Executive Director of the merged organization also states, "With substantial capital investment in the Wavus campus and the completion of an $8 million renovation to the Kieve campus, we will be in an excellent position to impact many more people in year-round programs for years to come."

"This is an ideal combination of two organizations that share the mission of working with young people. Together we are stronger than ever," said David Keeley, Chair of the Wavus Foundation Board. "The important lessons about friendship, joy, acceptance, respect, responsibility, loyalty, lifelong learning, courage and perseverance learned by the girls and boys who attend our camps are the real legacy of Kieve and Wavus," adds John E. Burns, Chair of the Kieve board. "I can't think of a better reason to combine the best qualities of two outstanding organizations. Together, we will continue to make a difference for today's youth".

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