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Andover Mass School Attends Kieve

November 17, 2003

November 17, 2003

Wood Hill Middle School Develops Teamwork at Kieve

The ?flying squirrel? was only one of the activities that the students from the Wood Hill Middle School recently participated in. The class traveled to Camp Kieve on Damariscotta Lake, in Nobleboro Maine and participated in an experiential learning program directed by Kieve?s Leadership Decisions Institute (LDI). Wood Hill students had a fun and challenging time learning thru discussions about life, teamwork, meeting challenges, communication skills and developing good relationships.

The Leadership Decisions Institute (LDI) is designed to help students make healthy decisions about adolescent issues such as substance abuse, and peer relationships. LDI also works to build student self-esteem and communication skills. Using the experiential education model in which students are active participants, the program seeks to provide students with factually accurate information and the confidence to make healthy decisions even in the face of contrary peer pressure. Stephen, one of the teachers said, ? The program here and information given to students has such real world weight and significance that is these students have internalized what they discussed it will certainly lead them down a safe, successful and healthy path.? While one of his co-teachers Susan said, ?The program is well planned and the staff does an excellent job meeting the needs of all students. Outstanding all around-can?t wait to share with others.?

During this 5 day program at Kieve, Wood Hill Middle students and their teachers took part in activities and discussions in classes whose topics include decision-making, communication skills, conflict resolution, building and maintaining healthy relationships, teambuilding, and healthy risk-taking. Student comments included: ?I had a GREAT time!!! What I got out of this trip is how to be a better friend. I learned that everybody is going through hard problems and not just me. I feel strongly that when I leave Camp Kieve, I will have positively become a better person.? , ?Kieve made me feel good and ready to face anything and I felt at home the whole time.? , ?My visit to Kieve has been a great, memorable experience! Thanks!? , ?I learned so much at Kieve and if I had a chance to come back I definitely would? , ?I will never forget the day I conquered my fears and jumped off a 40 foot pole to grab a trapeze. Also, the views of the lakesides and looking out off shore at solo time.?

LDI Intern Cara Martin said, ?They really grew a lot over the course of the week.? Other LDI Interns who helped during the week included David Nichols, Melanie Gander and Annika Olsen. The Leadership Decisions Institute also seeks to work with parents and other adults who play a significant role in the lives of the students.

The Leadership Decisions Institute is part of Kieve Affective Education, Inc. a non-profit organization located in Nobleboro, Maine. Founded in 1926, some of Kieve?s other programs include an Outreach 3 day LDI Program that travels throughout New England, a Science & Wilderness Programs for Girls & Women, a traditional Boy?s Summer Camp, Ocean Term ? a new semester school for sophomore girls, Kieve West ? a Colorado based exploration program and The Kennedy Learning Center, a private retreat and conference/meeting center. See www.kieve.org

For more information about Kieve?s Leadership Decisions Institute call (207) 563-5172, email ldi@kieve.org or go to their website at www.kieve.org.

For more information please contact Carrie Poston


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