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Skowhegan Middle School works it out at Kieve

May 20, 2003

Last week, students from the 7th grade class at the Skowhegan Middle School traveled to Camp Kieve on Damariscotta Lake and participated in an experiential learning program directed by Kieve?s Leadership Decisions Institute (LDI). Skowhegan students had a fun and challenging time learning thru discussions about life, teamwork, meeting challenges, communication skills and developing good relationships.

Among the teaching staff and adults attending the program were Misty Young, and teachers Scott and Roxie.

The Leadership Decisions Institute (LDI) is designed to help students make healthy decisions about adolescent issues such as substance abuse, and peer relationships. LDI also works to build student self-esteem and communication skills. Using the experiential education model in which students are active participants, the program seeks to provide students with factually accurate information and the confidence to make healthy decisions even in the face of contrary peer pressure.

During this 5 day program at Kieve, Skowhegan students and their teachers took part in activities and discussions in classes whose topics include decision-making, communication skills, conflict resolution, building and maintaining healthy relationships, teambuilding, and healthy risk-taking. Student comments included: ?The light inside me was turned on?, ?I learned that you can do anything if you are determined?, ?I have NEVER seen a bunch of great people in just one place?, ?I learned how to trust people and how to help people reach their goals?, ?I learned that you need to have good communication in a relationship?, ?I learned how to make people in our school stop bullying?, ?I loved my stay. I was nervous at first, but I would definitely recommend this camp to others!?, ? Everything was great.?

LDI Intern Melanie Gander said, ?This is easily the most rewarding program I have worked all year.? Other LDI staff involved in the week included: David Nichols, Cara Martin, Stephanie Donlon, Joe Deitz, Jess Macomber, Carrie Poston, Megan Taft, Melanie Gander, Greg Mastin, and Chandra Littooy. The Leadership Decisions Institute also seeks to work with parents and other adults who play a significant role in the lives of the students.

The Leadership Decisions Institute is part of Kieve Affective Education, Inc. a non-profit organization located in Nobleboro, Maine. Founded in 1926, some of Kieve?s other programs include an Outreach 3 day LDI Program that travels throughout New England, a Science & Wilderness Programs for Girls & Women, a traditional Boy?s Summer Camp, Ocean Term ? a new semester school for sophomore girls, Kieve West ? a Colorado based exploration program and The Kennedy Learning Center, a private retreat and conference/meeting center.

For more information please contact Carrie Poston


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