Camper Connection for KW West

Kieve West main photo

KW West was for Kieve and Wavus campers who had completed our Maine Trails trip and were looking to accept the challenge of new and different experiences. We no longer offer this program directly. Campers who have thrived for years in Maine and want to explore another part of the world can apply directly through Moondance Adventures.

Moondance, our long-standing partner at KW West, shares many of our same values and often employs past Kieve and Wavus campers and counselors. Their owner, Hayes Hitchens, and I (Henry) have been good friends since 1995.

Moondance gives young adults opportunities to learn and practice the skills necessary to become a strong, confident, experienced leader at Kieve or Wavus, or in any future leadership roles. It provides an opportunity to push yourself further with the support of friends you have already made and the new friends you are sure to make.

As you make plans for next summer and you are not yet a rising senior in high school, we hope you will consider Moondance.

In 2015 we started Counselor in Training program at Kieve and Wavus for rising high school seniors. We welcome the next round of campers interested in our CIT program for 2016. Please check CIT Info for more information and how to apply.



  • Kieve West side photo
  • Kieve West side photo
  • Kieve West side photo