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2017 Session Dates

How many days until camp?

First Session 2017 June 20 - July 15 29 days!
Second Session 2017: July 18 – August 12 57 days!

See the "Admissions" page for an online application.

Each Counselor in Training session will be comprised of a select group of rising high school seniors -- four from Wavus and four from Kieve. This coed group will be challenged on a daily basis to lead and grow in a learning environment that will be driven by their experiences. Two Kieve-Wavus Assistant Directors will facilitate this experiential education, guiding the counselors in training to evaluate and solve problems in a way that will reflect the challenges they will experience when leading campers in the future. Each day will be long, but diverse and fulfilling, leading to the formation of strong bonds that will continue as the group graduates to being Kieve-Wavus counselors after high school graduation.

CITs will spend time at both Kieve and Wavus campuses getting to know the extensive facilities and the wonderful people across the organization.  The counselors in training will learn how to plan a menu, pack for trip and practice role-playing scenarios for when they become counselors. In addition, they will learn advanced paddling skills and take a Swift Water Rescue course to prepare them for our most technical and exciting stretch of river. They will have the chance to meet and interact with the staff they will be working with the Junior KW program. The orientation will be interactive and will immediately put the counselors in training into leadership positions.

CITs will learn what happens behind the scenes before going on trip with the assistance of Kieve-Wavus tripping directors. This will be key to helping the CIT’s understand the enormous responsibility of a Kieve-Wavus counselor in preparing for a wilderness trip. They will take a two day Swift Water Rescue course followed by a couple days hiking in the Moosehead Mountains.
After returning from their trip into the woods, the CITs will move to their respective campuses to help with the preparation for the arrival of Junior Kieve and Junior Wavus campers. Each CIT will be assigned to a JK or JW cabin and they will live there, serving on duty each night to develop an appreciation of how to run a cabin. They will be mentored by the JK and JW directors and by their HBCs. This experience will be invaluable to understanding the most effective ways to manage a cabin, while putting the CITs immediately into a position where campers will be looking to them for guidance.

Once JK and JW are done, the CITs will immediately jump back into tripping action. They will depart for a four day canoeing trip from Chamberlain Bridge to Webster Brook to Grand Lake Matagammon. CITs will see first-hand where dangerous areas are that we travel to ensure that they know what to look for to avoid injury and accidents once they become leaders. Upon their return, the CITs will clean up and debrief, modeling the full progression of every Kieve-Wavus wilderness trip.

The CITs return to campus for the final three days of the session so they can enjoy the end of camp ceremonies and share their experiences with other campers as part of their Kieve-Wavus legacy.





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